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Oversize transport

We provide professional oversized transport, which we adapt to the individual needs of the client. Our experienced team and extensive technical resources allow us to handle even the most demanding transports. Trust us with your unusual loads, and we will deliver them safely and on time to the indicated address.


Transport platforms are designed to transport goods that do not require a closed space. They are particularly useful for transporting large or non-standard structures whose dimensions make it impossible to transport them on a standard trailer. Thanks to the flat loading surface of the platform, they enable safe and effective transportation of various loads.


Our offer includes pilotage services, which means that we provide professional pilots who help in the safe and efficient transportation of loads of unusual dimensions and weights. Pilots act as support during transport, ensuring safe navigation and coordinating activities to ensure everything goes as planned.

Cargo Handling

Our logistics service includes comprehensive organization of permits, documentation and all formalities related to transport. Thanks to this, you can focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that the entire transport process is in our professional hands.

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